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No one does it like the sweeper keeper Manuel Neuer

Sir Alex Ferguson revered Neuer’s goal keeping against Manchester United as the best he had ever seen against them. United played Schalke 04 in the Champions League in 2011. He said, “In my time at United, it’s probably the finest display of goalkeeping against us. I’m sure there have been other feats but tonight I saw a very good one.”

Even his closest rivals such as Buffon and French skipper, Hugo Lloris believe that there is no one like Manuel. Lloris: “When the team pushes so high up the pitch, you have to be able to play further forward and perform the role of a ‘libero’. Neuer is certainly the most complete goalkeeper in the world and is capable of doing that role.”

His performances are unreal at times not just in between the posts but also in the midfield.

This is how the big German’s heat map normally looks like.

On the grandest stage of all, the World Cup. Against Algeria

The same match as above

And another

And another

Chilling in between the posts while the players are sweating it out with attempts on goal.

Sometimes he forgets, he is a goal keeper. But he oozes of confidence, so the Bayern fans don’t have many heart in mouth situations now

Heading a into the final third

Sniping his team mates and providing the perfect passes.

Neuer can head the ball as well as Van Persie

Ooh, really risky business here.

All in all, he never ceases to impress and keeps people on the edge of their seats. Even the opposition coaches can’t ignore his antics. Eintracht Frankfurt coach Thomas Schaaf was suitably impressed with Manuel Neuer’s gracefully cool flicked pass. [Click to expand the GIF]

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