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Premier League ready to ban dual agent representation

The Daily Telegraph reports that the Premier League is set to ban the practice whereby agents can represent both the play and the club during a transfer, amid ongoing concerns about the vast sums of money which are being paid to intermediaries.

It is expected that the decision will be ratified at the Premier League’s annual general meeting later this week, and is part of a package of wider measures aimed at limiting the fees paid to agents.

The practice of dual regulation was illegal in England, but then was allowed in 2015 when FIFA deregulated the way that agents operate. It is estimated that the same agent acts for the club and the player in around two-thirds of transfers and also contract negotiations.

Not only does this lead to higher fees being paid to agents and obvious accusations of conflict of interest, but it also has raised suspicions with British tax authorities about tax avoidance.

Last year Premier League clubs spent £211 million on agents fees, compared to £115 million in the year before deregulation, whilst the number of licensed agents has spiralled from 518 in 2015 to 1,800 currently.

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