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We’re always looking for talented writers. Join our team if you think you have something you can contribute to our global audience. It is quite easy to write about the Premier League game week action – but it’s boring!

Are you a passionate fan with strong opinions about anything football-related? Then we want to hear from you! Opinions are never right or wrong. Intelligent football writing influences and challenges a reader’s opinion leading to great debates. Do you think you have it in you? Just put pen to paper and we’ll know.

What topic should you pick?

It can be anything from your local league to international tournaments. If you think people will enjoy it or give them some value it then send it over to us for review.

What’s it in for you?

  • We will promote your Social Media handles alongside your work. You get a lot of exposure as each of our published post is posted on 20+ channels.
  • You will also qualify for a paid position after you’ve published seven posts over the course of a month.

Our core team:

Gupta S.

Football fan since 1998 and a writer since 2008. Gupta is a voracious reader and he loves reading anything and everything related to the history of football. He’s an ardent supporter of Manchester United and rarely misses a match.

Wasi M.

Wasi is a keen fan with loads of knowledge about the game. He has written for some of the world’s leading soccer websites and is a major Barcelona and Pune City FC fan. He loves the Champions League and watches 200+ EPL games & La Liga games per season.

Dalziel A.

Andy is an exiled English football fan living in Cyprus. He loves all sports but football is his abiding passion, and he still has dreams every now and then about scoring the winning goal in a Wembley Cup Final, even though his playing days are long gone. He follows most major leagues, across Europe at least, and has a favoured team in each. When he’s not watching, listening, reading or downloading podcasts about football, he spend his time worrying about his beloved Arsenal.

Sherif E.

Born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt, Sherif had to give up playing football due to injury after making the pick for the Egyptian U-19 team. Never lost his passion for the beautiful game. AC Milan and Italian football fan ever since he was a child, and keen admirer of Arsenal in England. He favours Atletico Madrid in the Spanish league.

NOTE: Make it a worthwhile submission. Links to your work is helpful but not necessary. Mail us directly at [email protected]